Tony Carey

Tony received his first piano at age seven and has said he “lived at that piano”. He was also allowed to play his church’s pipe organ and piano from a very early age

At age eleven, he got his first acoustic guitar and formed his first rock band

His father gave him a Lowrey organ for his 14th birthday, after which he formed a cover band that played music by the Doors. Carey says he could play the first two Doors albums note for note. He also studied contrabass while in high school

In 1976, while rehearsing with his own band, Blessings, in a Hollywood studio, Tony was asked by Deep Purple’s Richie Blackmore to audition for his new band, Riche Blackmore’s Rainbow (with singer Ronnie James Dio) Blackmore was looking for a keyboard player, and had been listening to Tony in the other room playing and was impressed. Tony left Rainbow in 1977. After leaving the band, he began releasing solo albums

In the mid 80’s, Carey got into studio work and producing and writing for other acts. He lives in Germany and is still actively playing.