Roger O’ Donnell

roger_o_donnell_rkbRoger was born into a musical family.

O’ Donnell was literally born next to the piano that he would someday learn on

His first professional gig was with Arthur Brown, who had a big hit with a song named “Fire” Brown was known for his wild stage antics including setting his hair on fire!

A big fan of synths by Sequential Circuits (makers of The Prophet 5, Prophet VS, and Prophet TS) Roger once set the world’s record for having the most SC models on stage at one time

In the early and mid 1980’s Roger toured with 80’s icons The Psychedelic Furs, Berlin, The Thompson Twins. He joined another successful band, The Cure in 1987

Roger later got into piano interpretations of classical works. One of his arrangement featured a piano and 4 cellos

O’ Donnell has a big collection of vintage synthesizers