Mark Stein

Mark_Stein RKB

Mark formed Vanilla Fudge in 1966 at the age of eighteen along with bassist Tim Bogert, guitarist Vinnie Martell, and drummer Carmine Appice. The band produced 5 albums in the 4 years they were together

The band became known for their exciting and high energy performances and constant touring.

The bands self-titled album, VANILLA FUDGE, was the first album to ever reach Billboard’s top ten without the band having a hit single. Two years after the release of the first album, “You Keep Me Hangin’On” became their hit first single release

Bands like The Who, Yes, Deep Purple and many others cite Vanilla Fudge as being profound influeneces on their own development

When the band broke up in 1970, Mark went on to join other big acts like Tommy Bolin and Alice Cooper. During this period he also made the transition from using the Hammond B-3 to using synthesizers

The band’s last live appearance was on May 14, 1988 at Madison Square Garden