David Sancious

David began studying classical music at the age of seven and taught himself guitar and was proficient by age eleven. By his teens he was actively involved with the Asbury Park, NJ music scene.

He is actually a multi-instrumentalist being able to play several instruments, but is primarily known for his abilities on keyboard and guitar. He can play many genres of music including classical, rock, pop, blues, jazz, and funk

Around ’72 Sancious was busy doing session work and jingles

He began playing with Bruce Springsteen in the early 70’s and played keyboards on the first three albums. He left in ’74 and formed his own band called “Tone”

He also toured with a wide lineup of artists in different styles of music who include Stanley Clarke, Narada Michael Walden, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Peter Gabriel, and Sting

David was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014 along with other members of The E Street Band

Peter Gabriel has called him “The Musician’s Musician”