Danny Federici


Danny started playing accordion at age 7 after being inspired to play from watching the Lawrence Welk Show. In an interview in KEYBOARD MAGAZINE in 1981. Danny stated
“My mother drove me to my accordion lessons. “If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think I would have kept it up. She always wanted me to practice: ‘You can’t go out and play unless you practice.’ Then after a certain point, it was, ‘Do you realize how much money we spent on music
lessons? You’re going to practice.’ She also used to tell me, ‘If you play
music, you’re going to have a good life. You’ll always drive fast cars and meet beautiful women.'”

His mother began booking him at parties, clubs, and gigs on radio after he had a wide reportoire of tunes under his belt

He continued studying accordion, but did not like claasical music. After hearing a professor at a Philadelphia conservatory play jazz and blues on the accordion, he gained interest in those styles

As a young man, he formed a rock band called the Legends where he played a Cordovox electric organ through a Leslie speaker

He met Bruce Springsteen at age 17 in Asbury Park, NJ. When Bruce had success with his first album, he called on Danny to join the band. Danny would ultimately play in the E Street Band across from piano great Roy Bittan for over 30 years. Their different styles integrated well, and the resulting keyboard sound was dynamite

He was responsible for the all-important Glockenspiel sound of the E Street Band after purchasing 2 rare models in Europe, which he would place on top of his Hammond B-3

Sadly, Danny would pass away at age 58 in 2008 from Melanoma. Bruce would later say about Danny, “He was the most wonderfully fluid keyboard player and a pure, natural musician. I loved him very much. We grew up together.”