Christine McVie

christine mcvie RKBChristine’s maiden name is Perfect, and her father, Cyril Perfect,  was a concert violinist, violin teacher,  and music lecturer. Christine’s grandfather had been an organist at Westminster Abbey

She was introduced to piano at age 4, but did not study formally until age 11, when she took classical piano lessons from a private teacher for the next four years

At age 15, she switched to playing Rock n’ Roll piano after her brother John brought home a songbook featuring Fats Domino. She was also influenced by the Everly Brothers.

She studied sculpture in art college for five years eventually graduating with a teaching degree. During this same time she  was asked by two of her friends to join their blues band called “Sound of Blue” music. When the blues band broke up, she moved to London and worked briefly in a department store

In 1967, her two ex-bandmates formed another band called “Chicken Shack”, and once again she became the keyboard player. Her style was compared to Sonny Thompson, and she had an authentic blues  voice.  The band recorded a song with guest singer John McVie (of early Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac) called “I’d rather go blind”, and it became a hit. Christine married McVie in 1968, and left Chicken Shack in 1969

She joined Fleetwood Mac in 1970, (which at that time was strictly a blues band) The band moved to the U.S. in 1974, recruited Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham, and recorded a successful hit album in 1975, to which Christine contributed the songs”Over my head” and “Say you love me”


Christine on the B-3 with Fleetwood Mac in their heyday