Carole King

carole-king-rkbCarole’s mother had been a pianist, and began giving Carole some very elementary instruction when she was only three. Carole developed an insatiable interest in music at an early age.

Seeing her strong interest in music, and discovering she also had perfect pitch, her mother began giving her more serious piano lessons from age four on in technique, theory, and sight reading

She co-wrote her first monster hit for the Shirelles, “Will you love me tomorrow” at age 17. She would eventually write over 400 songs recorded by 1,000 artists, with many chart toppers in the 1960’s

Her 1971 album “Tapestry” stayed on the Billboard charts at position #1 or 15 weeks eventually selling 25 million copies worldwide

Carole wrote her autobiography in 2012 entitled “A Natural Woman”