Booker T. Jones


Jones was a child prodigy. Besides playing piano at home, and organ at church, he he could play oboe, saxophone, trombone, and bass.

Booker saw his first professional success at age sixteen, when he was hired to play baritone saxophone on a record session. The song became a hit record for Carla and Rufus Thomas, and he was hired to join a popular local band

Jones would later form his own band with guitar player Steve Cropper, Al Jackson jr on Drums, and Lewie Steinberg on bass (eventually Duck Dunn would become the bass player). Cropper and Dunn would of course be part of the band in The infamous Blues Brothers movie

While still in high school Booker wrote the song he would become most famous for, organ instrumental “Green Onions”

He would later go on to be a prolific songwriter and record producer