Al Greenwood

al_Greenwood rkb

Al began piano lessons at the age of 8

Went to Berklee Conservatory for a time studying  arranging and composition

Was heavily influenced by  Debussy and Bartok in the classical genre, and also “Rhapsody in Blue”, a piece for solo piano and jazz band, written by legendary composer George Gershwin

The Beatles were a big influence, but even more so  were “The Nice” featuring Keith Emerson on keyboard. After hearing Emerson, Al got into synths and multi- keyboards

Mick Jones and Ian McDonald, original founders of Foreigner, auditioned Al after hearing him play, and he promptly became a new member of the band. Mick Jones hadn’t even considered a keyboard  sound in Foreigner sound until he heard Al play.

Al was part of Foreigner from 1977, playing on the first 3 albums, Foreigner, Double Vision, and Head Games

In an interview with Contemporary Keyboard, Al was asked if he did Czerny or Hanon for practice. He admitted to Hanon, but said he preferred doing things like Scott Joplin Ragtime stuff and classical piano pieces to keep his technique sharp

Some of the many keyboards he used on and off stage are the Hammond L-101, a B-3, the EML 101, an Orchestron, a Clavinet,  an Oberheim OB-1, an Arp Omni, and a Wurlitzer Electric Piano

Formed the band Spys with former Foreigner bass player Ed Gagliardi

Al on both organ and synth: