Tori Amos

Tori has been composing her own songs since age 3

Youngest student, at age 5, to be admitted to the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Maryland with a scholarship in the preparatory division.

She studied classical piano at the conservatory for 6 years. She says she lost her scholarship at age 11 because of her stronger interest in pop and rock music, and her dislike of reading sheet music

At age 13 Tori began playing piano bars and gay bars around Maryland (being underage, her father had to accompany her on all gigs

At age 17, the singer-songwriter was contacted by Producer Narada Michael Walden, who responded favorably to some of her demo tapes

Eventually signed by Atlantic records, her career began in earnest. Her first album, Little Earthquakes came out in 1992 on the East West label, and since then, She has performed at well over 1,000 live shows, produced 15 albums under various labels, and been nominated for multiple Grammys, but not yet taken one home.

VH1 has called her one of the “100 Greatest Women Of Rock And Roll”

Tori experiences something called Chromesthesia, where frequencies in music are perceived as specific colors (and in her case, structures of light)