Spike Edney

Began listening to music as a young child on his father’s transistor radio

He saw the Beatles when he was 12 and was inspired to become a musician

While his strongest instrument is keyboard, he also plays guitar, trombone, and bass guitar

In the 1970’s, ha was musical director for Edwin Starr (“War”) and The Tymes (“Wonderful, Wonderful”)

In the 1980’s Spike played with a multitude of bands, including Duran, Duran, (“Hungry like the wolf”) The Boomtown Rats, (“I don’t like Mondays”) and Dexy’s Midnight Runners (“Come on Eileen”)

Joined QUEEN in 1984 playing keyboard, rhythm guitar, and doing backup vocals. When Freddy Mercury passed away in 1991, Edney took over all keyboard parts. He has been with the band on and off including stints with Paul Rodgers and Adam Lambert as vocalists, and is still a part of the band today

In 1994, he formed SAS (Spike’s All Stars) which original members included Cozy Powell on Drums, Neil Murray on Bass, and Jamie Moses on Guitar. Also toured with blues guitarist Peter Green on his comeback tour.

In this clip, Spike plays along with the original track to “Somebody to love”