Professor Longhair

While not a rock stylist per ce, this New Orleans stylist nevertheless was considered a “early influencer” of many different players in blues and Rock, including Allen Tousaint and Dr.John

His eclectic style was formed from playing on a piano that had missing keys. His music was an amalgam of Rhythm and Blues, Afro-Cuban, Boogie Woogie Jazz, and Mambo

His career faltered in the 1960’s when Longhair was struggling with a gambling habit, but came back perhaps stronger than ever after that difficult period

He is also credited with directly influencing the development of Funk which had it’s roots in New Orleans, and later on, the music of James Brown

Paul McCartney dedicated one of his B sides entitled “My Carnival”, to Professor Longhair, as his style had also influenced McCartney.

The “Fess” was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1981 and The rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992

Professor Longhair live playing his most most famous tune “Tipitina”