Paul Raymond


Paul began his music career in 1964 playing jazz

He replaced Christine Perfect  (Mcvie) in a band called “Chicken Shack” after she left to join Fleetwood Mac- Paul had to adjust his playing style as Chicken Shack was  a straight blues band.

He joined UFO in 1976 replacing keyboardist Danny Peyronel. This complted the classic lineup which featured the Michael Schenker on guitar. Paul also plays guitar

He played on “Strangers in the Night”, a live UFO album that is considered one of the best live albums in rock.

When Schenker left UFO to form THE MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP, Paul left with him to join the new band. Paul has been in and out of UFO for over 40 with many changes of personnel along the way.

In 2014, Raymond celebrated his 50 years in the music industry








Look at :40 Paul is playing the intro to “Doctor Doctor” one of the best UFO songs