Mike Pinder


Mike’s father was a pianist and banjo player, and his parents loved music. As a result he was exposed to music from the 20’s, 30’s 40’s, and 50’s

As a young man, Mike joined the army, and when his Colonel found out he played piano, he recruited Mike to play hymns in the church chapel every Sunday morning

Although he was signed up for the army for several years and was stationed in Germany, once he heard “She Loves You” on the radio, be got special permission to leave the military, and headed back to England to get into music

In the early 60’s Mike was employed by Streetly Electronics, manufacturer of the Mellotron. Pinder was the musician who introduced the Mellotron to his friend, John Lennon, and of course, The Beatles used it very effectively on the song “Strawberry Fields Forever. He also made great technological advancements in the development of the instrument

Mike co-formed The Moody Blues in 1964 with other local musicians who were all in successful local bands. Their first single failed to chart, but their 2nd single “Go Now” went to #1 in the U.K. in 1965

When vocalist/guitarist Denny Laine left the band, Pinder was instrumental in bringing Justin Haywood on board, which led to The Moody Blues having more hits with songs like “Knights In White Satin” “Tuesday Afternoon” and “Your Wildest Dreams”.

Pinder played Harmonica on The Beatles’ “I am the Walrus, and “Fool on the Hill”

In the mid 70’s, when The Moody Blues took a break from recording, Mike moved to California, and became a consultant for Tha Atari Corporation. When the Moodys reformed, Pinder was not interested in touring, so they hired Patrick Moraz as the new keyboardist.