Mic Michaeli

Michaeli took 1-2 years of lessons on both guitar and piano in his native Stokholm, but is largely self-taught

He says his musical influences wre The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop, Deep Purple, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and more

Mic says he first tried to be a guitarist, but the first time he tried to play electric guitar and sing, “it sounded terrible”, so he saved up and bought a synthesizer, which, he says, “sounded much better” He also gave up singing when he switched to keyboards

He joined Europe in 1984, just before their 2nd tour, replacing singer Joey Tempest, who came out from behind the keyboards to be out front

Perhaps the riff most associated with Europe. “The Final Countdown” (1986), was not written by Mic, but rather Joey Tempest, lead singer, who wrote the whole song. Mic, did, however co-write “Carrie” which was Europe’s biggest hit in the U.S.(#3)

Besides maintaining his long term membership in Europe, Michaeli has played with other artists, including singer Glenn Hughes, formerly of Deep Purple