Jerry Lee Lewis

jerry lee

Lewis began playing piano in his youth along with his two cousins who also saw success, Mickey Gilley (country singer) and Jimmy Swaggart (Evangelist and gospel pianist)

Besides the strong influence that came from Rhythm and Blues music, Jerry admired and was affected by country artists like Hank Williams, Jimmie Rodgers, and pianist Moon Mullican. The combination of these influenecs helped create Lewis’ unique style

Lewis’ parents mortgaged their home to buy young Jerry a piano

In November of 1956, Lewis went to Memphis to audition for Sam Phillips at Sun Records. He was signed, began recording prolifically, and became a big star. Other artists signed to Sun included Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison

His career was going well until age 22, when he married his 13 year old first cousin. His popularity plummeted from all the moral outrage, and his performance fee went from $10,000 a show to $250.00 a show.

An absolutely natural performer, Jerry runs through a seemingly effortless version of “Sweet Little Sixteen” Elvis guitarist James Burton is guesting in band. Jerry takes a piano break at 1:30