Gregg Giuffria

Born in Gulfport, Mississippi, Gregg moved to the west coast in the early 70’s and joined metal glam band ANGEL on keyboards. While not loved by the critics, many believe ANGEL were ahead of their time, and would have seen much greater success had they been active during the MTV era. They had both catchy songs and great theatrics. Gregg was with ANGEL from 1975-1981. Angel had been discovered by KISS’s bassist Gene Simmons playing in a club.

When ANGEL broke up in 1981, Gregg formed his own band, aptly titled GIUFFRIA

In the late 80’s, again with the help of Gene Simmons, Gregg formed HOUSE OF LORDS

Gregg was president of a company called Full House in Las Vegas that produced slot machines, but left the company in 2012