Chris Stainton

chris stainton

Chris started his music career as a bass guitarist in a local British band in 1960. He Joined Joe Cocker’s Grease Band in 1966, and co-wrote Cocker’s first UK hit in 1968 entitled “Marjorie”

He rejoined Cocker’s band and played with him from 1988-2000. He was on bass guitar while keyboard prodigy Tommy Eyre played keys. It was this lineup that recorded Cocker’s huge hit “With A Little Help From My Friends”

Chris joined The Eric Clapton band on keyboards in 1979 and stayed with him throughout the 80’s. occasionally doing side projects like a stint with The Roger Waters Band (1984), and Live Aid (1985) During this time he was part of a classic double live album recorded in Tokyo called “Just One Night”

In November 2002 Stainton played in the tribute concert for the late George Harrison, “Concert For George”