Brian Eno

Brian is considered one of the true pioneers in music with his experimenting with tape delay and eclectic recordng techniques. When he first joined Roxy Music, he was not actually a performing member, but was running the mixing board

During his time at college, Eno heard a lecture given by THE WHO’s Pete Townsend who was discussing the use of tape recorders for non-musicians. He said that was the seminal moment he realized he could make music without being a real musician

Brian has collaborated with an amazing array of artists, including Robert Fripp, U2, Luciano Pavarotti, David Byrne, and many more. He continued to experiment with sounds, synths, and electronic ambiance the whole time

From 1978 until the present time, Brian has been involved with video production and experimentation. He has been a real creative force in the arts throughout his career.


You can briefly see Brians setup with Roxy Music at the 4:00 mark