Amy Lee

Amy’s father was a DJ and multi-instrumentalist, so there was always music and musicians around the house

Amy took classical piano lessons for nine years. After she saw the movie about Mozart’s life AMADEUS, She wanted to be a classical composer.

After graduating high school, she attended Middle Tennessee State University in 2000 to study music, but her studies were cut short when she dropped out to concentrate on Evanescence, a metal band she had co-formed with guitarist/composer Ben Moody. The band has been together in various incarnations since the late 1990’s

Lee says as a child she was drawn to soulful music like Rhythm and Blues, Motown, and good pop.She cites some of her musical influences as Mozart, Beethoven Danny Elfman, Bjork,Tori Amos, Plumb, and Shirley Manson. AS a teenager, Amy also admitted she was obsessed with alternative bands like Smashing Pumkins, Portishead, Nirvana, and Soundgarden

In 2014, she composed the soundtrack to War Story (2014), and won the best film score award at the Moondance International film festival.

When asked to give her advice on someone going into the music business, she replied ” Work as hard as you can on your music and your skill and believe that you’re good enough”.

Amy plays the intro to Evanescence’s’ metal ballad, “Bring Me To Life”