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Keyboard Artists-facts and videos

Keyboard Artists-fast facts and live videos

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Improving your keyboard technique

Tips for developing a good ear

Tips For Developing A Good Ear

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Music Theory- Does It Make You Weary?

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To Read Or Not To Read- That Is The Question

Writing Music- Is This Even Necessary Anymore?"

Writing Music- Is This Even Necessary Anymore?”

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Keyboard In Rock And Pop Songs

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The Zen of Chords


I’ve wanted to get a Rock Keyboard website going for a long time. While I am primarily a guitarist, I absolutely love keyboards, and in particular rock-oriented keyboard like Rock ‘n Roll Piano and Rock Organ.

While I’ve seen a lot of discussion about great rock keyboardists and the instruments they play in many different forums and music blogs, I’ve never seen a site dedicated to that genre exclusively, so now with ROCK KEYBOARD, I’m giving it my best shot and throwing this out there.

These are pretty humble beginnings, but my plans are to grow this site enthusiastically over the coming months and years, and maybe one day look back to see I’ve created a valuable resource for Rock and Pop keyboardists of all levels.

I have a LOT of ideas I’d like to pursue, but I’ve got a busy life outside of music. I will put as much time into this site as I can.

I want to start a blog, add lots of articles, and eventually moderate a forum.- and get lots of feedback and participation from you guys as well.

My personal favorite pages on the site so far are “Keyboard Artists”, which is a list of the important players past and present in rock music history. This still needs a lot of fleshing out, but will be a good resource when finished. Thank God for Wikipedia. It has saved me countless hours of research. My other favorite page is “Keyboard in Rock and Pop records”
There were a lot of hours put into this page trying to corroborate facts and figures, but it was still a lot of fun to do, and has many more entries waiting in the wings.

The other pages are my personal take on the more traditional aspects of music education and how they might dovetail with your rock keyboard studies. I added a couple of YT videos that are out there to give the more elementary players some visual help. I think the Ear Training page has some good tips if you do the exercises regularly.

Thanks for checking it out. Feel free to contact me with any thoughts you have on making it a
real hub for rock keyboardists

Mike Philbin